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From Twitter 11-10-2010
kpop ϟ 2ne1 ϟ bom goggles

  • 01:54:23: the worst feeling ever? Wet socks :((
  • 01:55:10: got home and my mom bought these comfy super plushy socks that you wear to bed AND DJFLKJGFLKJSOFLJ I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED FOR SOCKS
  • 01:55:28: i was literally dancing. badass.
  • 01:56:41: i want to make a muse couch
  • 01:56:51: also. and have a muse army!! haha~
  • 01:57:35: today, I was talking to someone I found and when I listed my muses, I only had one girl and like... idk... five guys? something like that.
  • 01:59:15: but I don't stan any girls. :| and I can't find one besides the one I have that appeals to my... errr eccentric taste? IDK
  • 02:00:25: I'm going to look into Miss A even though I should go to bed already ;~; I refuse to do any soshi.. yet. ;; hmm.. I don't know!
  • 02:02:09: I think co-ed.. maybe.. ffffff

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